Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet Sixteen/Soul Surfer/Anthem Lights

So this is an uber late birthday post (10 days late...)... but better late than never? Maybe?

I'm pretty extremely stinkin' excited to be 16. Howeverrrrr, it's not getting me very far yet, mostly due to the fact that I'm too lazy to read the driver's license getting book.   I had such a fun birthday hanging with my family! And my birthday party was so cool! It was makeover themed, so me and my gals did each other's makeup and hair (which probably sounds lame, but we had fun :D), then we went and saw SOUL SURFER!!!! (emphasis on awesomeness)

I had reallllllllyyyy wanted to blog after the first time I saw Soul Surfer (yes...I did see it twice...) but the internet was out and then I forgot. Typical.  HOWEVER, I'm now going to rave its beauties.

The fact it's a true story (of Bethany Hamilton) is definitely the coolest part. I don't want to blow the plot for anyone who hasn't seen it yet (and anyone who hasn't simply MUST), but the fact that a girl could overcome, through "Christ who strengthens me," SO much adversity is just so inspiring to me!  Remembering the movie drives me to pursue my faith and my dreams with greater passion.

Carrie Underwood, who plays Bethany's youth leader, did fantastic, which just made the movie even better.  I also loved how the movie wasn't "preachy" or anything like that, yet characters quoted Bible verses and prayed, etc., so they gave God the glory.

So yeah. Soul Surfer rocks :).

Next Random Subject: ANTHEM LIGHTS' album came out on Tuesday! I didn't get it til Thursday...but oh well it was worth the wait! It's seriously my favorite cd in a good while. Super catchy with great lyrics, and they are all so talented.  I'd like to write an album review... what do ya'll think? Leave me a comment :). 

When I bought the cd on thurday, I (naturally) twittered, and got another stinkin' awesome surprise:

hehe I was very excited :D:D.

I guess that is all for now. :) God bless you bloggers!

~Zephaniah 3:17

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