Monday, February 6, 2012

31 day Bible challenge

Hey blog world!!

I just wanted to share something kind of cool that I've decided to my "second" church, they are doing a 31 day Bible challenge where you (legit) read the whole Bible in a month.  Crazy, right? But it's possible! I've already survived 5 days of it!

I'd like to extend the challenge.  Don't make excuses...just ask God if you should do it! Also, if you are extremely lazy/can't sit still/like to do other things with your two 1/2 hours a day other than read, try what I'm doing! I downloaded the free youversion app on my iPod and am listening to the audio books of the Bible! It's pretty awesome if you ask me.

Step up. Try it. I dare you :).

Print out this sheet. Don't worry about what day you start on, just follow the chapter assignments!

God bless!



  1. But...Elissa!! This is hard!!! Haha, I prayed about it. But I am reading the Bible for school so idk...but we shall see!

  2. How are you doing on this? It seems so hard!!

  3. Oops, I thought I replied to you's! Reading the Bible for school is awesome :) I used to have to do that, but I've gotten lazy haha.

    It's going okay :P. I love doing it, but I got behind by like 4-5 days...the about that i was ahead of the little days on the deal. So i'm just gonna go with the days on the paper now.

  4. HAHA^ oops, that was me on mom's account...