Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pictures and covering a lot of ground :-)

Hey all!! Who is a blogging epic fail? This girl! But this post is gonna (hopefully) cover what I've wanted to say (and do it via pictures, yay!).

This is from C.S. Lewis's The Weight of Glory which is absolutely brilliant. For quite a while actually I have been struggling with feeling like I don't fit in. I still struggle every day.  There are only a select few people I feel I can be myself around.  But anyhow, this book and a realization (that I am selfish when I feel like I don't belong when I'm doing things with other people) have changed me.
We are strangers in this world.
We were made for more.
It's really not a good thing to "fit in."

Basically, nothing I can do can push God away.  Is that not crazy awesome?? I mean, seriously.  I can be such an idiot and He somehow loves still.  And His creation is just beautiful, so I've been loving editing pics of nature :-). 

Life can be so confusing.  Just when I think I've got it figured out, I realize that I've been pointlessly prideful and I really know nothing at all.  I caused myself some major pain recently, and it wasn't until I realized I was being a monster that I could let go and confess that I messed up pretty badly.  And it was in said state of brokenness that God showed me the below verse (romans 13):

Somehow, the picture of being clothed with Jesus hit me hard.  Wearing Jesus.  Having Him define my everything. That's what I want, desperately.  And I had not read this before, but realizing that it's a conscious choice of THOUGHT to not sin got me.  Blog world, will you keep me accountable to this verse? God wants me to live it. 
That's scary. And awesome.

Now, on a light note, let's not try to fix things we have no business sticking our paws into.  If you're feeling out of control (like me!) then let go and let God.


[all pictures belong to me except the "lol cat"]

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