Friday, December 28, 2012

The Light

The Light
Tenth Avenue North

I have run into the darkness
I have hidden from Your grace
From the light of Your salvation
To the shadows I embrace

Can You find me in the valley
In this hatred I have loved?
Can the God who sees the future
Still be blind to all I've done?

Sunrise, love invade the night
Bring light, in morning satisfy
Sunrise, Your mercy floods the sky

You are the Light, Father and Savior
Spirit Divine, Truth and the Life
You are the Light, Father and Savior 
Holy Spirit Divine, Giver of life
You are the Light

My sin has left me cold and shaking
At Your throne I am undone
But I can feel Your joy is rising
Underneath bright heaven's sun

Words can't define You
Fail to describe You
You're more than I can say
But the heavens speak
And the skies cry out
In colors of Your grace 

This song is absolutely beautiful. It's so, so difficult for me to comprehend the depth of His grace.  But the answer is always found in His attributes--He is not silent, He is present.  Like the song says, the heavens speak and the skies cry out.  Without Him, we would be living in literal darkness. It's only the truth of love of God that keep the darkness at bay.  Some days it feels like I'm only seeing the dark...but that only reveals more to me that He is the only light.  There's no other true light: this is what I realize when I fall and fail and try to replace Him. When I'm broken, cold, heartless, torn, crushed...He's like a fire that defrosts my hands. He's like a bulb in a dark cave. He's the only answer. 

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