Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recovering Childhood Memories / "My Diary" #1

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers in the world (http://www.itjustgetsstranger.com/) to recount some journal entries from my childhood. These are found in a pink notebook with a piece of paper glued to the front labeled "My Diary." Just so you can imagine, I wrote in perfectly girly cursive with all the i's dotted by hearts. My commentary from today is in {braces}. I was a strange child. Be warned. 

November 29, 2004 (age 9)

Dear Diary,
I am going to start this diary whith when I shot my first deer. It was on November 13, 2004 we got up at 3:15 then we had to drive to dady's lease. It was cold as we sat on the stand. My books were in the same pack as the water so when dady dropped the pack they got wet. But it was alright because finally a deer walked out. I tried to look through the scope, found something brown, and shot! Down it went! I had shot my first deer, a six pointer buck!
{what a story teller. I distinctly remember the trauma caused by those wet books. And I'm concerned by my lack of shooting talent and assuming that anything brown should be shot}

December 8, 2004 (age 9)

Dear Diary,
This year at thanksgiving Mama and Bapa and Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and one night there was a tornado warning it was very tight in the shelter but the {arrow indicating to repeat the word tornado} did not hit us; {I used a semicolon at age 9?!?!?} Mama and Bapa left and Grandma and Grandpa left a day then came back, {apparently there was more to the story. Also, this tornado-in-december thing actually wasn't a fib.}

December 11, 2004

{at the top of the page, I added "1st day tralier," in manuscript instead of cursive, because this was the day my family moved out to our property. At the time we lived in a camper trailer}

Dear Diary,
Last night we slept in the Ilasd {Island} of Capi {Capri} Motel, But tonight we are sleeping in our camper trailer. Dady said that in the day we would have use the potty outside {traumatic}. Today Emily and I went to Brittney's house for a tea party we played games and I got socks and in the orament trading I a snowflake orament. the tea was good!

Morning December 12, 2004 

Dear Diary 2nd day traylier,
I woke just now when I looked my window there was alsalute beaty! The sun shining down on the pine trees, the bright blue sky, the tall oak trees. I think I like it here. We are having a Christmas play at our church and I memerized all my lines. {which was impressive since} I am two angles and a shepard.

Night December 12, 2004 {Once a day was not enough diary writing}

Dear Diary,
Today we moved to chickens and the rabbits. At church during Sunday school we padiced {practiced} for our play we did really well so we had doughnuts and juice. This aternoon we had M and Ms I ate 42 {WHY DID I COUNT AND WHY DID THEY LET ME EAT SO MANY?!}. I wish we could have gone to the taste of Christmas but were to busy.



was this ridiculous or should I make "My Diary" a series?


  1. Love it Elissa! so great to hear about you as a little girl :)

  2. So cute and funny! It's amusing to imaging little Elissa saying those things. Makes me think of a funny diary I kept when I was 6.