Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: Nightmare City

I'm baaaaaaaack! Haven't posted on here in a whole year. Blogger fail. And all I have to offer is yet another review. Welcome.

The first entry in #ElissaReadsAllTheBooks.

Rating: 4.5/5

But seriously though. I have tons of reading planned for this summer and I'm super excited.

The first book I read was Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan. This is a young adult thriller about teenager Tom who wakes up in a terrifying nightmare. Combining heart pounding action with creepy sci-fi and a wonderful subtext within the metaphor, this book reaches beyond a youth audience with its powerful message about the freedom found in defending the truth. The story also deals with intensely serious themes and appeals to the part within us all that feels like life isn't worth living because we face loss and disappointment. Klavan is one of my favorite authors--and this book lived up to the high expectations his others works have set. He has a way of making edge-of-your-seat action and tongue-in-cheek humor feel natural and realistic--his writing style is addictive. Nightmare City is a quick yet thoughtful must-read for your summer.

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