Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bible reading = pumpkin pie or turkey?

Reading one's Bible. so simple, yet (at least for me) so difficult. why do I put my Bible on the back burner?
like the 14th pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, my Bible slips to the bottom of my priorities and sits there.


What is it costing me?
in the quiet, i can hear Him sometimes, calling me closer. but one way He does that is through scripture. if i'm not putting it in my brain, how is the Holy Spirit going to use it in me?
How am i going to reach out to someone else--anyone else--with those words?

Reading my Bible's gotta stop being the 14th pumpkin pie. It's gotta become the turkey--the prized part of the meal, the one most important thing.

we're always learning, I suppose.


Sanctus Real's album Pieces of a Real Heart is me now.

"come with Me, I'll show you life, even better than this...I am the One, the One"

"Dear heart, do you belong to me, or do I belong to you? Just look at all the trouble you've dragged me into...oh heart, you've let me down, chasing love where it can't be found."

so. true. so so so true.


oh, and also, I had a thought earlier:

why is it that when we've come to the end of ourselves. when we've hit rock bottom. why is it then that we look for ways to serve. why is it then that we are ready to do whatever He says. 
could it be that selfishness and self-satisfaction and self-assurance were what held us back?

oh, Lord, it hurts a lot to hit the floor. but could You help me to see Your purpose, even if it's hard?

^^that's my prayer. what's yours been lately?


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  1. What an amazing comparison about Bible reading and the 14th pumpkin pie! I love the way you described it, so true!