Monday, November 21, 2011

Hmm. What should I name this post?

Life is fascinating, in case you haven't noticed. I have felt very philosophical lately, would you like to hear my ramblings?  Probably not. That's okay, I'll tell anyway.

1) Be careful what you wish for. I'm not kidding you, whether it's to grow up, to be respected by adults as mature, to be popular...just about any of those junior high wishes turn out to be insanely overrated. It's more fun to just be simple.  I'd like to reference T swift's "Never Grow Up" here, but that's pretty self explanatory :).

2) Having a servant heart is hard. Like, the hardest thing for someone with pride (*sticks hand up* me!).  I was attempting to think of ways to serve my family members yesterday, and was shocked by two things. First, I don't often think about serving them, so it was HARD. And second, it requires focus on others, not me. Which seems obvious, but for me not thinking one selfish thought it super difficult.

3) Moms are epic. Just so you know, they know everything. I'll say it again. EVERYTHING. 

4) I love this time of year. Once it's November, I'm totally in Thanksgiving-Black Friday-Christmas-New Years mode. Why can't they all happen at once for two months?! How awesome would that be??

5) Forgiveness and love are harder to accept than hate and pain. That seems unfair, but it's how it works because we're in a fallen world. Love will only be fully realized when we are in God's presence (heaven)--just because we can't "feel" it, that does NOT mean He isn't loving us. (I took this philosophy from my bro)

Okay, time to end this sadly pointless post. I vent by rambling, so thank you blog readers! :)

What are your pointless ramblings?

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