Friday, December 23, 2011

Dark Staircase

Do you ever feel like you're walking down a dark stairway?

 Do you ever feel as if your life is a strangling, dark casm full of fear and doubt?

I have. Honestly, we probably all have. But what I've experienced this year has taught me this:

When you're traveling down a dark staircase, reach out and take hold of the rail.

When I am walking in the dark, I become confused. I begin to question what I believe. I get dizzy and uncertain.  But when I turn to Him--when I remember what God's Word has said...when I remember everything He's pulled me through... 

It's then I can press on, unseeing.


This brings to mind my favorite quote from the Oracles of Fire series by Bryan Davis:

"What you have learned in the light, my friend, never doubt when it is dark."

Please, don't ever let darkness cause you to doubt.


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