Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!!


I thought I'd share what my "New Year's Prayers" (Yeah, I decided to call them that :)) were for 2011.

1. Not wear makeup until May 5th, 2011 (my 16th birthday).
2. Ask God in concerns of modesty.
3. Spend the rest of my teen years, starting now, learning what GOD thinks about me, not what others think of me.
4. Seek how God wants to be glorified in the things that mean the most to me: riding, writing, and music.

Yep, that was it! I just wanted to seek His face love Him not let anything else dictate how I lived.  I'm so grateful for everything I've learned this year.  It wasn't easy. It wasn't particularly pleasant at times.  But it was worth it.

11 things I learned in 2011

1. It doesn't matter how something feels. It can feel right and be wrong...and vice versa.
2. There is never, NEVER a point when He isn't there for me any longer.
3. He will lift the heavy burden and give me rest.
4. Pride is the most addictive drug and the most painful living death.
5. Even when I begin to doubt the most fundamental of my beliefs, there is hope in a single cry, a single prayer.
6. When I find my happiness in something other than God, I become bitter. But in Him, not sin, is pure joy.
7. Emotions just plain stink.
8. I want to fall into the space in between me and God.
9. Worship is a way of living, not being on a stage.
10. You never know whose life you are reaching if you are simply living in love.
11.  Life comes down to the fact that God holds the future and we must trust Him.

Blog readers, I just want you to know that I love you... Let's make 2012 a new year. Let's live in new ways. Let's embrace a new chance to change the world for the people around us, through Him.



  1. Can't seem to grasp my mind around this "worship is a way of living" post on it? I am just not getting it.

    <3'd this :)) <3 you...alot.

  2. Thanks...<3 you tons :D.

    welp, it was my reflection on what I learned at camp electric...they were basically saying that a lot of times we act like being on stage (which for most of us is just leading worship at church) is a different persona than we just are in real life. And we should strive to lead worship in a way that is real because it reflects our worship of God in the rest of our lives...

    plus, I was admittedly rather frustrated several times trying to get what they were saying about music theory and all that jazz. I was almost crying but then I think God told me "It's okay, even if you aren't the most perfect at music, but you can worship Me in your daily life."

    did that make ANY sense whatsoever?? I'm so tired right now... lol.